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Welcome to 5bucks.cash ! Everything on this site is priced at 5 dollars! For the most part everthing here is a bargan. A lot of people ask why it is im selling these things for only 5 bucks and the answer is simple. I started helping people move and liquidate unwanted clutter in their lives. Sometimes they are in a hurry, some times they just don't have space in their new home for things they dont use anymore. In most cases they are just trying to downsize and they give me all the things that they cant accomdate anymore. I have access to a warehouse where i can store them. After careful evaluation of how much it cost to process and store most of these items I decided that 5 bucks was a resonable price.
(Please note that I am doing this on a very localized scale so if you are far beyond the 95221 area code this will probably not be somthing you are interested in.)